How can I create links using the link generator?

Using the link generator, you can generate links to an order page, a website, or a catalog page. You can find this function under products> link generator or go to products> find, filter there for “existing cooperation” and click on “generate product links” to the right of the product.

To generate links to shopping cart, product and order pages, proceed as follows:

  • If you did not go directly through products> link generator, please enter the product number.
  • Please select the page in the order process to be displayed.
  • Then select the language to be displayed. (If you do not select a language, the default language is English)
  • You can also define a URL to serve as a reference for the back link. This URL is used when a customer clicks “continue shopping” after placing a product in the shopping cart. For example, you can link to your site or, if you have a store page, specify it as a reference. Then your customers can buy more products.
  • When you click the “generate product links” button, the HTML code appears in an output window.

If you generate links to the website of the manufacturer or a different URL, MyCommerce Share-it uses a cookie with a validity period of six months, which contains your affiliate identifier, in the computer of the customer. If the customer first looks at the product descriptions on the first visit of the manufacturer’s website and comes back to the website at a later date to purchase a product, MyCommerce Share-it recognizes by the cookie on the customer that this customer was originally about you has been referred to this website. You will receive the commission from the manufacturer for the sale you have made.

Each link generated by the link generator as described above contains your affiliate ID so that you can be credited to sales.

You can also create individual catalogs and assign products to one or more vendors from these catalogs. You can refer to a catalog page using the link generator, so you only have to maintain your catalogs and not the links for individual products. Your customers will see a website listing the products of the respective catalog.

Or watch the following videos:

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