Agimat FX Ultra EA best forex expert advisor

Agimat FX Ultra EA – Best Forex Expert Advisor

The patterns that have the most influence are found on the 4 hr charts and higher (especially on the USD pairs). And keep in mind that the entire world is looking at the daily charts. The Agimat FX Ultra EA runs on 4 hr charts only to be able to identify the secret sauce.

Have a look to the Myfxbook verified real account:

The Agimat FX Ultra EA goes only with the most reliable pairs to trade, the USD pairs. And this is because these are the pairs that are being traded by the large institutions (for liquidity reasons). Therefore, whenever the institutions will enter the market (either for buying or selling), they almost always do it through the USD pairs.

So when you are seeing a particular pattern on your charts, especially on the daily and weekly charts, you can be sure that the institutions are seeing this as well. And this will provide you with the highest probability of a successful trade. Simply because you raise the odds that this move will be acted upon by some very large players. The artificial intelligence of the Agimat FX Ultra EA knows this, too, and acting accordingly by selecting trades carefully. If you have seen the trading history from Myfxbook, then you get a clear picture.

March 09, 2020