Agimat FX™ Market Maker Trader

agimat fx trading systemHow to trade in line with the Market Maker / Dealer

I don’t know you in person but I surely know your very problem. That feeling when you execute an order and moments later the price swings opposite. Am I right about your Problem? Well, let me tell you something, 97% of all retail trader have the same issue. In the long run your account will be wiped out by the Forex dealer. Forex is a dirty business and it is ONLY about Peak Formations, trapping retail trader, stop-hunt and aggressive swings! The Market Makers are getting paid very well to clear out your account.

Agimat FX, a master piece and very unique product completed in early 2016. The built-in artificial intelligence gives you highly accurate point of entry for your order execution before the dealer swings away. The Market Maker pattern, i.e. W Pattern, M Pattern, Head and Shoulders Pattern, Half a Batman etc. will be drawn in advance on your chart before they actually happen. Future prediction from the finest.

Behind any signals given by Agimat FX™ a lot of work needs to be done in real time by the built-in artificial intelligence. How many and what kind of moves and consolidation the dealer performed after the last peak formation? The trapped amount of USD (millions) the dealer swings away from? Stop-Hunt performance? Just to mention a few. Very often the dealer will change his behavior or goal within minutes, the built-in artificial intelligence of Agimat FX™ reacts immediately to adjust the prediction for your log or short position.

For more information or a demonstration concerning Agimat FX™, kindly have a look on the Agimat Trading System website (click).